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Taking Action - 

Addressing occupational therapists' risk of workplace fatigue requires a wide perspective including tools to identify problems and strategies to reduce or remediate fatigue risk factors.  Addressing workplace fatigue is a shared responsibility between individual occupational therapists,  organizations and legislators.  Effective interventions to reduce or eliminate workplace fatigue can occur at all levels: environmental, personal, care team, managerial and policy maker/funding agency.   


As occupational therapists this type of 'systems thinking' is well known to us.  And we know that components in the system interact and influence each other- sometimes in unexpected ways.  Taking a systems approach has many advantages- if one risk reduction avenue is blocked strategies opportunities exist at other levels and components of the system. 


Pick a seat- lets look at some resources.  A range of fatigue risk management and reduction resources are provided below.  New resources are continually being developed as more attention is paid to the issue so be sure and do an internet search as well occasionally. 


Recommendations specific to occupational therapists were developed for this project and are available here

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