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Policy Links and Workplace Fatigue Legislation in Alberta


 According to Work Safe Alberta, (2004), fatigue is the state of being tired and can be caused by long hours of work, long hours of physical or mental activity, inadequate rest, excessive stress, environmental factors in the workplace (eg extreme temperatures, sound, air quality) and/or combinations of these factors. Well-rested, alert employees are critical to safe and productive operations (Work Safe Alberta, 2004). Psychosocial fatigue is starting to becoming recognized as a workplace hazard by many employers in Alberta. The Government of Alberta has produced documentation to familiarize employers, employees and the general public about fatigue and safety in the workplace. However, currently there are no laws or legislation in Alberta that govern psychosocial fatigue in the workplace (Government of Alberta, 2011). Labor unions have also been active in raising awareness about psychological fatigue and stress in the workplace. Enough Workplace Stress: Organizing for Change (Canadian Union of Public Employees) is one example of the useful documents produced by these organizations to increase members’ awareness of the issue and of their rights as employees to safe, healthy workplaces. This document can be downloaded from the resource page of this website or at

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