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Fatigue in the occupational therapist workplace-

What is it? Why does it matter? What can we do?

This series of learning modules will help you understand what workplace fatigue is, the significant impact it can have on patients/clients, therapists, their familes, their co-workers and the organization.  There are also modules outlining workplace fatigue reduction strategies at both the therapist and the organizational level.  Each module consists of a 5 minute YouTube clip and a companion downloadable summary of the module's content.

What is workplace fatigue? Why does it matter?

1- What is workplace fatigue?


2- Impact on clients- (ethics & prejudice)


3- Impact on clients (safety & decision-making)


4-Impact on OTs


5- Impact on the organization


6- Impact on OTs in Alberta

Background Report (coming soon)

What factors increase the risk of occupational therapists  workplace fatigue? 





9-Compassion fatigue


10-Resource limitation


11-Vicarious trauma


12-Role ambiguity/erosion


13-Balancing family and work


14-Sleep deficiency


15- Private practice

Managing WorkPlace Fatigue- A Shared Responsibility
16-  Advocacy
17 - Legislation

18- Risk assessment and fatigue
risk management planning

19- Bright light therapy

20- Appreciative inquiry

21 -Sleep and building resiliency

22- Attention Restoration theory
23- Noise reduction


Youtube presentation and summary authors: Kylee Apers,  Michelle Barrette,  Cary Brown , Amy Dobrowolski,  Christie Fernando,  Samantha Greensides,  Alexandra Hampson,  Erin Harris,  Lindsay Hoehne,  Kayla Hughes,  April Johnson,  Megan Martineau,  Alana Murphy,  Karen Nabuurs,  Shauna Panton,  Lisa Pashniak,  Carmen Reid, Annette Rivard,  Kristina Ruttan,  Selina Spessot,  Natasha Till,  Tara Young


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